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Samuel was a boy and the word of the Lord was rare in those days. When the boy woke up Eli at night, the old priest only knew that he had not called him; he sent the boy back to bed. But the third time, Eli perceived that the Lord was calling the boy. “ Eli whose eyesight had began to grow dim, so that he couldn’t see; knew well how to hear the voice of the Lord and so advised the boy to say, “ speak, Lord for your servant is listening” (1 Sam 3:1 –10). An adolescent boy need someone to guide him how to understand the gifts of self to God others in sacramental lives. (Priesthood and matrimony) All vocations come mature with a dry season. The Divine sower plants seeds in virgin soil and ask labourers of the harvest to cultivate and protect it. This is why the church must keep and maintain High School Seminaries; founded to nurture the seeds of vacations. One essential purpose of such institution is precisely to discern the student’s vocation especially their spiritual life.


The role of church in introducing a boy to intimate and personal friend and a trusting filial love of God the father and with the virgin Mary. Encouraging the boy to live life of grace.


The High school Seminary will help and adolescent acquire a deeper understanding of meaning of chastity as channeling these to feelings and tendencies. This is the beginning of a balanced affective maturing.


These are some of the duties of ordained minister and the religious in the High school seminary like ours.


To obtain all these, we must have seriously responsible parents in our church to provide the Junior Seminary with well basically nurtured boys. Those who have the basic catholic Christian faith who have received the Holy Eucharist and also confirmed. The recommendation from parish priest must be genuine and focust.


The diocesan Bishop must keep a Junior Seminary at heart in order to monitor and evaluate both the internal life and the output. The Seminary High school must be the role model of all other high schools. This should be reflected in terms of the best trained priests in Educational sciences, well qualified and mature teachers. The best equipped school; laboratories, library, chapel, compound etc.


There is a lot of seminary high school that I will give in the next school magazine. I wish to thank those who recommended the establishment of seminaries in every diocese during the council of Trent, 15th July 1563. I also appreciate what was passed in a decree “ Optatam Totius issued in 1965 during the second Vatican council. It treated at length about the curriculum and the administration of the seminarians. As a diocese we thank the Holy Ghost missionaries for initiating and establishing our Junior seminary Kwale. All the diocesan priests, the religious men and Women, the laity and friends for the support, some of them are still giving to us. We also remember our dear Bishops, Butler, N. Kirima, John Njenga for the role they played in keeping this seminary up to now.


Finally I appreciate the support and wise advice His Grace Boniface Lele has been giving to me which has been sources of direction in the present situations in the seminary.


I pray and trust that there is more in store for us from St. Mary’s Junior Seminary Kwale.


Sincerely yours in Christ.





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