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The word ‘Seminary’ rooted in the word.

Seminarium, from semen – seminis - seed.

It is a seed plot of a nursery where after planting seeds when they have germinated and grown to a given size of level, they are transplanted to various places or plots to serve a variety of purposes.

          “ For just as from heaven the rain and snow come down and do not return there till they have watered the earth, making it FERTILE   and Fruitful, giving seed to him who sows and bread to him who eats, so shall my WORD be that goes forth from my mouth, it shall not return, to me VOID, but shall do my WILL, achieving the end for which I send it. ( Isa. 55: 10 – 11).

          The catholic Christians live a life full of hope. This is a sign of optimistic views of mature Christians about God’s presence and His promises to us, His pilgrimage church or community. His word obtains always what He has commanded and promised. Minor seminary is a high school established in the Catholic Church for multiple reasons. Apart from cultivating at initial stage those who have a call to catholic ordained priesthood, there are other events in the curriculum which mould the whole person.


The Junior Seminary has to be the role model of other secular or ordinary secondary schools. The reasons are numerous based on how the meaning of Education is perceived by various scholars in the Catholic Church. A Jew relevant Educationists whom I fovour most view Education as follows:


Groom. T. and Ducasse in their etymological definition of education, state that, it derives from the Latin  “ educare, which means, to lead out or bring out. Hence at its root meaning, education is an activity of leading out. Education philosophers like professors Nanni or the Silesian University who is also an ordained catholic priest, he defines education as that act of nurturing, elevating or making one to grow not only physically but psychologically, intellectually, affectively, socially, spiritually and operatively. These three scholars descriptions give an added connotation of “ educare “ which signify “ to form to train, to interact and thus involves the activity of formation of human person with the help of cultural patrimony distilled from different aspects of values.


Furthermore, education is considered and understood as that formative process which accompanies man from the dawn of consciousness in childhood, until its eclipse in old age.


A catholic concept of education considers clearly the nature of man and his destiny.


Therefore the focus of education is man, in the growth and formation of the whole human person in his individual and social dimensions, in his historically and freedom. Just as man occupies, by God’s design, central place in creation, he enjoys a central in any meaningful education. In fact, God is the end towards which creation is oriented. Man is not only a part of creation, but is the chief of it, having been created in the image of God.  St. August of Hippo in his book confessions (1 in PL 3, 661) says man has therefore God as his Summum Bonum, for which his soul yeans.

“ Thou hast created us for thyself and our heart is not quiet until it rests in Thee”.


The Junior Seminary is the best institution where every catholic Christian boy must not miss. All good and practicing Catholics should not miss to take their sons for proper formation into future mature/ integrated person. You give us a boy and we give a mature man in all reasons.


The role of ordained priests, vowed nuns and other religious persons is to make a Junior Seminary the best and unique institution for the young boys. This is implemented in the following areas:-


Some general means of spiritual formation.


1.    Prayer life (meaning) evening plus Holy mass.

2.    Well based interior life.

3.    Liturgy and sacraments.

4.    Examination of conscience daily.

5.    Retreats and spiritual exercises (monthly)

6.    Recollections

7.    Bible studies.

8.    Spiritual readings and directions etc.


On the side of Human formation we have the following events:


1.            Developing of the Human faculties.

2.            Forming intelligence.

3.            Forming passions, sentiments, imaginations, memories etc.


4.            Moral formation plus social one.

5.            Training them in friendliness and openness

6.            The forming of intellectual abilities and habits.

7.            We also provide the formation in apostolic Hearts. Ready to serve his neigbours.

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